Joel-Peter Witkin:

An Objective Eye

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"I wanted my photographs to be as powerful as the last thing a

person sees or remembers before death"  -  Joel-Peter Witkin



Joel-Peter Witkin: An Objective Eye


A new documentary from director Thomas Marino, taking a profound and introspective look into the life and art of controversial artist, Joel-Peter Witkin.  Along with in-depth interviews with Joel-Peter Witkin, the film features interviews from prominent artists, photographers, and scholars who share insight into the impact of Witkin's work and influence on modern culture. 

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Directed By

Thomas Marino


Executive Producer

BC Furtney


Written By

BC Furtney

Thomas Marino


Produced By

Sid Wimbish

Shawn Leyva

Thomas Marino


Cinematography By

Nickolas Rossi

Ernesto Galan


Assistant Director & Co-Editor

Ernesto Galan


Music By

Trevin Pinto